amulet for a sarudoshi (one born in a Monkey year), from Tadou Taisha shrine, Mie Prefecture


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This site displays examples from around 400 Japanese calligraphy pages (goshuin,   御朱印). They were inscribed in my "red seal books" (shuinchou ), also called pilgrimage books (sampaichou), at various Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan from Kagoshima in the south to Wakkanai and Rishiri Island in the north.

Other albums now being shown are photos of Japanese traditional dance in New York City, some early 20th-century postcards, and one of my favorite monuments in Japan. There is also a page on Miyazawa Kenji, which is still in progress.
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Japanese kanji characters used on these pages will gradually be converted from images to Unicode (like the above example).

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fullish moon of May 25

approaching fullness: moon of May 25



small MIDI file: Mizu no inochi

MP3 file: Haru no yayoi (aka Etenraku imayou)

Odorou odorou "let's dance" — with friends in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Totems: fox, tiger, raccoon, rabbit.

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Greetings for 2021

Photo albums of various subjects

A Passing Haiku  

   In all seasons, one never tires of the radiance of the moon. Japanese text: 我を連れて我が影帰る月見かな 「素堂」 (source: see Acknowledgements page, no. 9, p. 86).

    leading me along   my shadow returns home    —   ah, the moon viewing         ware wo tsurete   waga kage kaeru    tsukimi kana     (Sodō, 1641-1716)

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