signature seal (hanko) impression for KURI-SU CHRIS'S JAPAN PAGE title bar amulet for a sarudoshi (one born in a Monkey year), from Tadou Taisha shrine, Mie Prefecture


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goshuin of Shitennouji, Osaka Calligraphy of Japanese temples and shrines From the album page, you also can find information about the seal books and view an index by location of all the calligraphy pieces.
N.Y. branch of Tachibana Nihon Buyou, June 2002 dance recital The New York City branch of Tachibana Nihon Buyou New York City is home to many groups and organizations focused on Japan and all aspects, both new and traditional, of its culture. Here are the activities of one of them.
scene at the west gate of Tennouji, Osaka Early 20th-century views of Japan This page contains a small selection of old photo cards picked up at postcard shows and flea markets. There is no division by subject yet. We see people of town and country at work and at leisure.
the great Amida Buddha of Toukai, The Great Buddha (daibutsu) at Toukai, Aichi Prefecture The Rushana daibutsu at Toudaiji in Nara and the great Amida at Kamakura are more famous and more ancient. But do not run from the one to the other too hastily. Take a break at Nagoya and visit the monumental buddha nearby.


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"Seeing a Dream"
an exploration of Miyazawa Kenji

This image of a dragon with Japanese inscription was painted on a concrete wall which divides the former track-bed of the Rochester, New York, subway. (The subway was shut down in the early 1950s. The image now is gone.) I was a little startled ... continued
seeing a dream: Rochester NY dragon

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