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Tachibana School of Nihon Buyou

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Nihon buyou ( nihon buyou kanji ) is Japanese dance in the classical manner. One of the twentieth-century schools of this dance style is the Tachibana tradition (ryuu). The home school is in Tokyo, and there are branches in other major cities in Japan--and in New York. In New York City, the annual recital of students and teachers takes place in June, at the New York Buddhist Church, 331-332 Riverside Drive, New York City. Watch the NYBC schedule for the next date —and for other events.
For information on the Tachibana tradition and its history in Japan (in Japanese) and for photo galleries, see:
  • Nihonbuyou Tachibana-ryu [currently unavailable].
The Tachibana group also takes part, with as many as possible of the general public, in the annual Bon Odori sponsored by the NYBC. This event usually takes place on the second Sunday of July. Please refer to the NYBC schedule, and come and participate in various folk-style dances.
It would require a separate page to list all the interesting links relating to nihon buyou and other traditional dance in Japan. In the New York area, the following teachers and groups with diverse styles and exciting performances can be seen regularly. See their pages for schedules, or watch websites such as the Consulate of Japan and Japan Society.

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