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Calligraphy of Japanese temples and shrines

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Index of Temple and Shrine Calligraphy

VIEW LIST: Prince Genji on a decorative sticker The accompanying document is a nearly complete inventory of the goshuin, listed in sequence by prefecture and town. New entries for 2003-2010 will be added after the images are posted.
Each entry contains basic information in four columns: name of the temple or shrine where the piece was written, location in Japan, date of the item, and seal book and page where it is recorded:

The name of the temple or shrine is given, followed (if needed) by the name of the attached shrine which provided the goshuin. Abbreviation: "J." for jinja, indicating a Shinto shrine.
This column indicates prefecture, city, town or district, and, for the large cities, ku "ward."
The date on which the goshuin was obtained is given in format YY.MM.DD. Occasionally the office personnel and I were equally careless, and the date is absent from the document. In at least one case the office person felt uncomfortable and declined to add her own writing to it. In another case, I was given a page which was already dated--with the previous day's date. Abbreviation: "n.d." for "no date."
This item tells a little more than just where the original goshuin is stored. The entry "separate" indicates that the page was written ahead of time; only the date was left to be filled in by the temple/shrine office personnel. Abbreviation: "r" indicates "reverse." That is, after the book's pages were completely filled on one side, it was turned around, so that the back cover now became the front. New goshuin were then written, commencing with the new "first" page. The photo on the Seal Books page makes this usage easy to visualize.

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