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Tachibana School of Nihon Buyou

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The Tachibana School in New York City

Summer festival: The New York Buddhist Church Bon Odori

(thanks for the photos to Yueh-chen Lin and to Chen Sheng Tsai!)
With music: detail, inn scene by Hiroshige on an Edo period parchesi board
MP3 file: Tankou Bushi
Album page Description Comment
OCS News article 8/1/03 July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: OCS News article "A Japan summer at Bryant Park: 54th Bon Odori gathering" (August 1 issue).
July 2003, the origami table July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: The origami table Adults and children alike kept busy here during the afternoon.
 July 13, 2003, dance:  Bon odori no uta July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori:The dance is Bon odori no uta This dance always comes first and sets the spirit of the Obon observance.
July 2003, dance: Nippon Daiko July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: The dance is Nippon Daiko Nippon Daiko is one of the faster numbers.
 July 13, 2003, dance:  Kanaiwa matsuri ondo July 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: The dance is Kanaiwa matsuri ondo This is an occupational dance, imitating the fisherman's labors.
 July 13, 2003, dance:  AIUE Ondo July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: The dance is AIUE Ondo You're never too young to start.
 July 13, 2003, dance:  Chouwa Ondo July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: The dance is Chouwa Ondo This circle dance gets everyone together.
 July 13, 2003, Tachibana dance group July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori:Tachibana dance group While the general public take a breather, Tachibana members perform.
 July 13, 2003, dance: Kurokawa sansa July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: performance of: Kurokawa sansa Soh Daiko and Tachibana members perform together this dance of Iwate Prefecture.
 July 13, 2003, Soh Daiko July 13, 2003 NYBC Bon Odori: Soh Daiko taiko drumming group Soh Daiko is a key participant in the festival. See its website for details about the group and for a performance schedule.

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